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Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is packed with vitamins A, B, C, K and E.

Along with containing all the vitamins, Bee Pollen is rich with natural components including protein, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, minerals and fatty acids.

Bee pollen wards off infections by strengthening the body’s ability to overcome or prevent inflammation while regenerating the cells.

☆Improves energy, endurance, and vitality
☆Fights infectious diseases
☆Boosts the immune system
☆Improves intestinal function
☆Helps to relieve stress and anxiety
☆Boosts metabolism
☆Protects and promotes a healthy liver
☆Helps reduce allergy symptoms and allergic reactions
☆Contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties meaning it can inhibit the growth of fungal and bacterial infections.

Daily Dosage

1-10kg 1/4 tsp

11-20kg 1/2 tsp

21-30kg 3/4 tsp

31-40kg 1 tsp

41-50kg 1.5 tsp