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L'barkery The Clan

L'barkery The Clan

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Dehydrated Whole Baby squid x 6

Squid is a fantastic source of protein for dogs.

Squids are commonly fed to dogs on raw diets as they are rich in micronutrients.

Health benefits of Squid for Dogs


Copper stimulates the process of making red blood cells (RBCs) as it helps in the storage and production of iron which forms red blood cells.


Zinc is important for your doggy’s body. Squids have an abundant amount of zinc in which helps fight the microorganisms that may damage the dog’s body from within.

Zinc also strengthens the immune system and safeguards your dog from illnesses.

Low in fat and calories

Low in fat and cholesterol, Squid is ideal for dogs as it is a very good source of protein. This will help you keep the unnecessary fat off and provide with good nutrition.