Our Story

We like to do things differently at Fat Boy Treats. We are big believers in supporting other small businesses.

The majority of our treats come from small bush businesses and the rest come from small independent businesses. All products are Australian sourced and Australian made. In addition to that, we support rescues and animal shelters.

Our business name comes from our first rescue boy Saint, nicknamed Fat Boy 1 of 9 puppies dumped and brought into our local facility - Liverpool Animal Shelter.

Saint was backyard bred and just before his second birthday we were given the devastating news that Saint had hip dysplasia, and further xrays showed both his cruciates were blown. In a very short timeframe, Saints elbows and shoulders gave way and surgery was then not a option. We made the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep to stop his suffering.

Saints memory lives on through our rescue work and fundraising. Our sister company Fat boy Raw has donated over 10 tonnes of food to dogs in need, so you can say we are big believers in paying it forward.