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Don't Bully My Breed Bandana

Don't Bully My Breed Bandana

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Over the collar bandanas 

Medium 25cm wide

Large 29cm wide

We dont like bullies and we definitely don't like people who bully breeds.
Don't bully my brother don't bully me don't bully

A N Y  breed

Us dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and just because some of us are bigger than others doesn't mean we are scary.

We are Luna & Ralph and we both LOVE people! Some people don't love us though, especially Ralph.

My brother gets judged because of his colour and size. Some people drag their kids away, some people run and others cross the road to get away.

When delivery drivers see Ralph they throw Mums parcels at our front door and run.

Last week we had a delivery driver scream and shut the door in Mums face when she went to go out to get her food all because Ralph was stood near the front door.

We are absolutely delighted to team up with the amazing  Jax & Co to bring you our don't bully my breed bandanas. We think its important to highlight this issue as bullying of any kind is NOT ok.

$5 from every bandana sold will go to the wonderful crew at rescue hub

Rescue hub are what we call the quiet achievers, who go about their work with total dedication. Not only do they save the lives of dogs on death row, they rehabilitate using the best trainers and behaviourists.

Rescue Hub then go on to getting these often troubled souls, into the loving homes they deserve 💛

Rescue Hub are also fantastic rescue partners, in that they work alongside and help out any other rescue and others in animal welfare, to do the very best for any animal.